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MinebeaMitsumi Newsroom Europe

Finally the time has come! MinebeaMitsumi Europe is now online available.  www.minebea-newsroom.com


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brushless BLDC motors for automotive applications


Our motors are located in many places within automobiles.  They improve not only the aerodynamic aspects, but also lower the CO2 emissions... 

brushless DC motors in power tools

Power Tools

Our brushless DC motors have a long life expectancy, smoother running, and a higher degree of efficiency...

brushless DC motors in robotics


Our brushless DC motors play an ever-growing role in automation.  Motors are the robot’s artificial muscles...

spindle motors - hard drive motors

Computer technology

The requirements for what hard disk drives can do have risen greatly so that we will have safe data in the future...

spindle motors - hard drive motors

External hard disk drives

At the heart of every hard disk drive is a spindle motor.  Our motors are responsible for safe data storage in almost every second hard disk drive in the world...

hard drive motors HDD for Server Applications

HDD for Server Applications

Millions of hard disk drives work together to keep data exchange safe in server farms under the Cloud system...

our drives  for entertainment electronics

Entertainment Electronics

Our drives help you have fun in your free time reach the highest level with electronics...

our drives for building technology

Building technology

Our new electronic radiator valve functions without a battery or a power connection. Power is simply made from heat...

precision motors for automation


Our precision motors are responsible for high quality and a safe production process, especially in the automation process and Industry 4.0...

brushless DC motors for telecommunication technology


Your smartphone will have an excellent connection even in the future through our brushless DC motors...

PMDM imagefilm

Image Film

Get to know PM DM and inform yourself about our job offers and career options.  We are an international company and with us it is possible to gather experience abroad...

drive is what matters


Our highly efficient electronically commutated BLDC motors are particularly suitable for applications with high running smoothness and durability.


Hard Disk Drives

The hard disk drive motor carries the storage disk, and rotates it directly around its own axis (Spindle). These motors are called spindle motors.


Energy Harvesting

Our energy harvesting systems provide control or sensor systems with electrical energy to the most remote locations, including our electronic radiator valve.



We develop motor and drive systems, energy harvesting systems and FDB technologies that are used in many innovation fields.




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