PM DM worldwide
PM DM worldwide
PM DM Villingen-Schwenningen

German research & development center

In Villingen-Schwenningen, in a building with more than 118,000 square feet, we develop electrically commutated motors.  Next to the development of hard disk drives motors (Spindle Motors), over 320 engineers, technicans, scientists and qualified employees work on the development of BLDC motors for the industry and for the Automobile sector and on Energy Harvesting Systems.

Minebea Langen bei Frankfurt a.M.

Langen Germany

The NMB Minebea GmbH is the German subsidiary of the globally operating Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group, a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic components for the high-tech industry. With about 120 employees is Langen near Frankfurt / Main a powerful sales team.

Production in Bratislava capital of Slovakia

Slovakian Plant

True to the motto, "In Europe, for Europe," our BLDC motors are produced in Slovakia's capital too.  Over 100 people are employed at automated production lines in our facility with a size of more than 3,600 square meters.

Production of HD Drives in Thailand

Thailand Plant

Bang Pa-in factory covers an area of over around 4.8 square kilometers.  Our mother company is the second largest manufacturer of hard disk drives in the world, due to the production of more than 6 million hard disk drives motors per month. 



Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH

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