Non-product-relevant Supplier

Non-product-relevant Supplier

A supplier whose products have no effect on the subsequent production process or on one of our products itself is a non-product-relevant supplier.

Non-product-relevant suppliers are divided into the following categories:

  • Service providers
  • Legally specified areas
  • Office equipment, furnishings, buildings
  • Test and measurement equipment, tools, machinery

Service providers:

Suppliers in the category "Service providers" are business partners who provide a particular service, e.g. logistics agents, training, consultants etc.

Suppliers in legally specified areas:

A supplier in the category "Legally specified areas" is, for example, a specialist disposal company certified in accordance with § 52 KrW-/AbfG (German recycling/disposal regulations).

Office equipment, furnishings, buildings:

Suppliers in the category "Office equipment, furnishings, buildings" are, for example, tradesmen, office equipment wholesalers, etc.

Test and measurement equipment, tools, machinery:

Suppliers in the category "Test and measurement equipment, tools, machinery" are by the nature of their products involved in the value-creation process.



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