To produce high quality wares in a cost efficient manner usually means installing automatic procedures in production. If you are looking for unique drive solutions for your industry, you can rely on our experts. Here you can get motors or drive systems specially tailored to your applications.

Production/Automation Application
BLDC 24 motor

BLDC 24 motor

Motors are the muscles of modern robots. This motor’s application field is very versatile. The advantages of this motor generation are shown well in automation and robotics. They are small, compact, and powerful.

BLDC 36 motor

BLDC 36 motor

It is small compact and reliable. Even in small designs, this powerful motor still has room enough.

BLDC 65 Motor

BLDC 65 motor

Sometimes you need a bit more power.  The BLDC 65 motor was specifically developed to power machinery, pumps, or other devices.  This powerful motor comes in different versions.




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