The use of robots has infiltrated almost all areas of manufacturing. Robots can stack, organize pallets, deliver rays, move, coat, check, weld, assemble, and much more.  Electric motors are the artificial muscles, give the robot strength and endurance, and keep things moving. A robot’s actions must be precise and dynamic, and with so little expenditure of energy as possible. The modern BLDC motors produced by PMDM are therefore ideally suited.

Robotics Application
BLDC 24 motor

BLDC 24 motor

Motors are the muscles of modern robots. This motor’s application field is very versatile. The advantages of this motor generation are shown well in automation and robotics. They are small, compact, and powerful.

BLDC 36 motor

BLDC 36 motor

Due to the BLDC motors’ excellent electromagnetic properties, more and more brush motors are being made obsolete in the automotive field. Their long life, low energy usage, and compact design are critical for use in motor vehicles.  




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