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Rudolf Neumann
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Energy Harvester Systems

Today we automatically think of electrical outlets or batteries as the source of power for electrical devices.  The new business area of energy harvesting systems allows us to use our experience and know-how of engine manufacturing and contribute to a modern and sustainable technology.  This extra technical effort makes sense especially in cases where it is undesirable, expensive, perhaps even impossible to regularly change batteries.  Our energy harvesting systems produce electricity through vibrations, force and pressure, or warmth. The radio technology is from EnOcean.

  • Energy Harvester Smart Valve

Energy through Thermal Difference

The Smart Valve® functions without a battery or power supply. The new electronic heating valve uses the thermal difference between the radiator and the room in order to extract electrical energy by using a thermoelectric generator (TEG).  Power simply from excess heat - Energy Harvesting!  It is now for the first time possible to build a mechanical system in which the energy consumption is below that of the electronics.



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