Smart Valve

Today we automatically think of electrical outlets or batteries as the source of power for electrical devices.  The new business area of energy harvesting systems allows us to use our experience and know-how of engine manufacturing and contribute to a modern and sustainable technology.  This extra technical effort makes sense especially in cases where it is undesirable, expensive, perhaps even impossible to regularly change batteries.  Our energy harvesting systems produce electricity through vibrations, force and pressure, or warmth.

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The Smart Valve

The electric actuator of the Smart Valve was developed by us specifically for this application. Our Smart Valve provides itself with electrical energy through energy harvesting. The electricity is made using a thermoelectric generator (TEG), which utilizes the temperature difference between the heater and room air. No batteries or other energy sources need to be replaced.

  • Smart Valve, Heizkörper, Ventil, Energie, erneuerbare Energie, Wärme, Kälte, heizen, Termonstat, PMDM, MinebeaMitsumi, termostatic, valve, heater

Advantages of the Smart Valve

  • Easy installation

  • Wireless operation through a room controller

  • Flexible single room control

  • Maintenance-free use (no battery changes)

  • Frost protection

  • No battery trash

  • Reduction of heating costs

OEM, Installers and Integrators

Offer your customers an innovative high-tech product in your design. Benefit from our know-how in the fields of drive technology and energy harvesting. Include an energy-efficient radiator thermostat in your portfolio and benefit from our green and maintenance-free technology.

Advantages for OEMs:

  • Technological lead through energy harvesting
  • easy installation, wireless operation through a room ontroller
  • Environmentally friendly - no battery waste
  • No cost or time required for maintenance or battery replacement
  • Technical adaptation to your system
  • High-tech device for your customers
  • Individual case design
  • PM DM as an innovative partner at your side

We offer you the possibility to integrate our Smart Valve into your product portfolio.


Where does the energy come from when there are no batteries?

Our Smart Valve gains the required energy via a thermoelectric generator. This means that it generates the electrical energy by the temperature difference between the radiator and the space itself. This energy is stored in a high-performance capacitor and used as required.

What is the minimum temperature difference?

The temperature difference between radiator and room temperature must be at least 10 Kelvin in order to charge the energy storage tank.

What happens during the summer months when the heating is switched off?

The Smart Valve detects when the heating period is over, decays into a sleep mode and wakes up when the heater is switched on again.

What happens when more energy is consumed than gained?

In the built-in high-performance capacitor, sufficient energy can be stored in order to ensure normal operation in energetically unfavorable times (summer months, transition time).

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